Our Story

UR Important’s CRM is being designed and developed by Isabelle and Paul Senkel. Please tell us, how did you get the idea to develop this app?

Isabelle: I am a lash extension stylist. This is a high precision job and customer care and follow-up is extremely important in my business as the services are highly personalised. It is not sufficient to adapt the look to the face of a customer, no, it needs to suit the personality as well. I usually summarise this by saying that you do not create the same look for the same face if you are working in a bank or in a bar.

Paul: And I am an architect for mobile applications. I started to develop websites in 2000 and have developed intranets, enterprise portals and mobile apps ever since. But that’s not the reason why we developed this app. Far from it!

Isabelle: In 2016 I started to have more and more customers. Every evening I had to open my laptop, open Excel and enter my customer data such as service price, lash extension references, the glue I used etc.

Sometimes I forgot the references and also my customer’s job. With one or two customers it was easy to remember, but with more customers it starts to be hard to manage. So what I needed was a readily available and user-friendly tool. I needed to replace my PC and Excel file with a way more simple and handy system.

So I turned to my husband, who works in mobile apps, and asked him for several weeks with insistence that he should write a personalised mobile app for me which takes into account my small business’ needs and which lets me decide what data I want to manage.

Paul: “asked with insistence” (laughs), a very nice way of describing the harassment which I had to face! It’s true, Isabelle fought a lot to prove that she could not continue like that, to show that there where no convenient mobile apps on the market which let you configure freely the data you want to maintain … so at one moment I told her, honey, ok, you win, I am going to develop this app!

Isabelle: I shouted “Yes!, The end of my Excel file!“

Paul: And then, given my busy schedule, I told her that it will take at least three months before she’ll be able to have anything usable in her hands …

Isabelle: This was hard to hear, but I understood that it would take time. Anyway. It was this moment that the app UR Important CRM was born. By the way, one night I woke up and I knew that we would call it You Are Important, spelled UR Important. As of that moment our baby had a name.

Paul: And since 2016 we help it grow every day with new features. The prototype which we had after three months has grown to be a real made-to-measure CRM for small businesses.

Isabelle: I use it every day for my lash extension business. It is really handy. Customer follow-up, sending invoices per e-mail …

Paul: It is really through that intensive use that we realise what works and what doesn’t and especially what is missing. And then we plan updates.

Isabelle: Ever since I started to use it my life has changed. The unpleasant and repetitive part of my job has become a child’s game. I used to hate taking notes for customer follow-up although it is through these notes that I can create the perfect look by taking into account my customers’ age, job, general appearance, lifestyle etc.!

Nowadays I can update the customer profile directly on my iPad. I can even note things down together with my customer. This ensures great customer intimacy and looks very professional.

Paul: Can you imagine the same with a PC and an Excel file? That was impossible. Every customer would have seen other customers’ data. In UR Important everything is well separated. There are even different levels of access. Employees can manage appointments. Managers manage customer records and with admin-level access – basically the access level of the boss – you can see the sales figures and access the graphical reporting.

Isabelle: With UR Important I am saving a lot of time and I gained in comfort. I can focus on providing personalised care to my customers and develop a much more intimate relationship with them which helps me to maintain the quality of my services. And I have a much better visibility on my sales as well of those of my business partner.

Isabelle, a last word?

Isabelle: This app is the fruit of love and purpose. I recommend that you get it.

Paul: And it will be our pleasure to integrate improvement suggestions of other small businesses.