Success Story

Our customer Isabelle from the lash extension studio Revolver Eyes in Berlin uses our software and told us what happened:

Until now I had never seen a beauty parlor, hair stylist or other small service shops use software for follow-up their customers. Electronic cash desk systems, sure, but never a CRM.

I worked for several months as independent lash extension stylist from home and wanted to optimize the way I manage my customers.

Ever since I started using the app from UR Important my sales tripled and I opened up a proper shop.

Obviously this did not happen magically, but the app has enabled me to focus on my customers and on marketing and I could make improvements much faster. I rapidely optimized revenu as I could easily see when was the last time a customer stopped by and could apply small surcharges if the delay between the refill appointments exceeded the approved limit.

I also was able to build a stock of returning customers – and was able to get a few to return to me after a break – all that was possible thanks to the visibility which the tool has given me on customer preferences and their treatment background.

Last, but not least, I could improve the quality of my work as I have a tool which helps me note down all that is important for my very specific line of business like the glue and the extension types, their curb and strength that I am using. All that ensures a quality follow-up.

Of course, you can try to do all that with a spreadsheet or on paper … but honestly, using an iPad app is much faster and pleasant … I can take notes while the glue is drying and the time I save is well invested in my small business and family.

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